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  • Conductive Two-Part Adhesive
  • Full Cure in 24 Hours or Less
  • Easy-to-Use Two-Part Conductive Adhesive for the Repair of Rear Defroster Power Tabs
The CRL Rear Defroster Connector Repair Kit is easy-to-use. Just mix equal parts of Part A Epoxy with Part B Hardener and apply with the reusable applicator stir stick. Apply the connector tab and keep immobilized for less than 10 minutes. Full cure will be obtained in 24 hours or less depending on temperature and thickness of material. Always use a minimal amount for fastest cures.
Contents.5 oz (14 g)
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It is important that this material cure for over 24 hours 77 degree and above prior to applying power to the tab. Material can be heated to accelerate the cure (149 to 248 degree) for 10 minutes.

CRL Rear Defroster Connection Kit

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