Your Advantages

  • Terrific for moving heavy stone slabs around the job site
  • Exclusive to CRL
  • Goes where other glass dollies won't
  • 16" (406 mm) Diameter Two-Ply Pneumatic Tire
  • Built-in 8" (203 mm) Wood's Powr-Grip® Vacuum Cup
  • Includes a set of CRL RB200 Roller Blocks
  • Heavy Welded Aluminum Construction
CRL's All Terrain Dolly is like having an extra person on the job site. Moving large glass lites, insulating units, patio door panels, and even stone slabs across any terrain is now a snap. Curbs, door sills, and scrap lumber are no
longer obstacles when your crew is using the CRL All Terrain Dolly.

Included is a Wood's 8" (203 mm) diameter Powr-Grip® Vacuum Cup and a set of Cat. No. RB200 Roller Blocks to protect the cargo's edges once unloaded. The Roller Blocks are stored conveniently inside the frame of the All Terrain Dolly so you always know where to find them. Maximum capacity: 400 lbs. (181 kg).
ApplicationFlat Surfaces
Capacity181 kg
Diameter203 mm
Loads on the ATD1 must be handled by two persons in order to maintain a safe balance. Be sure to always wear appropriate hand and eye protection when moving glass on the ATD1. Periodically inspect the surface of the vacuum cup to check for nicks or cuts in the edge that could cause premature vacuum loss.

CRL All Terrain Dolly

Shipping Information:
  • Can Ship UPS

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