Your Advantages

  • CRL Vision aluminum base shoe
  • System with AbP (general building authority test certificate)
  • Very quick installation without special tools
  • Easy to adjust approx. +/- 1 ° with an electric screwdriver
  • Easy adjustment, dismantling and readjustment of the system
CRL Vision impresses with its quick assembly and precise alignment. The alignment of the glass is done from the safe inside of the railing in a matter of seconds with an electric screwdriver. No special tools are required!
ColorBrushed Nickel
Glass Thickness17,52 - 25,52 mm

CRL Vision Aluminium Y-Shape Base Shoe for 16,76 mm - 25,52 mm, Floor Mount, 5,000 m length, Brushed Nickel

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Shipping Information:
  • No UPS - Common Carrier Only

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