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  • Available in Brass or Plastic Handles
  • Interchangeable Cutting Heads
  • Self-Oiling Steel Wheel for Long Life
Our CRL Plastic Handle Pattern Head Oil-Type Glass Cutter combines classic shape and quality construction into a long lasting, reliable tool used by every glazier. These self-oiling Cutters allow continuous cutting of large quantities of glass without loss of sharpness to the 134 degree hone angle of the steel cutting wheels. Every time the spring-loaded cutting head is depressed to make a score in the glass, the cutting wheel comes into contact with an oil soaked wick, which extends down from the oil reservoir in the handle. As long as the pressure is maintained during the score, the wick continuously coats the cutting wheel with lubricant. This self-oiling function ensures a cool, non-flaking score line and helps to lower friction on the cutting wheel, thus extending the life of the wheel. Choose from the classic brass handle or the lightweight plastic handle (which allows visual check on oil level), mounted with a standard Straight Cutting Head or the smaller Pattern Cutting Head. For heavier plate glass in the 1/2" to 1" (12 to 25 mm) range we offer a 154 degree Straight Cutting Head.
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Always wear the proper safety gear when cutting glass. Failure to do so can result in user injury.

CRL Plastic Handle Pattern Head Oil-Type Glass Cutter

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