Your Advantages

  • Single Button Activation
  • Visual Red LED Indicator and Audible Signal Announces Coating Found
  • Helps Assure Manufacturers and Customers that Coating is Present
  • Slips Comfortably into Shirt Pocket or Briefcase
The CRL CD2 Low-E Detector is a durable, dependable tool for use by fabricating, sales, and service personnel who need to verify the presence of low-E glass coatings. Lay the CD2 against the glass surface and push the button to activate. A red LED indicator light and an audible signal will announce the presence of a low-E coating on either surface one or two.
Product Size5" (127 mm)
The CD2 will not indicate which surface if the lite is coated. It will tell you only that low-E coating is present.

CRL Non-Contact Detector

Shipping Information:
  • Can Ship UPS