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  • Mechanically Attached
  • Cost Effective
CRL Fortifiber Moistop PF® Flashing is a superior, mechanically attached, flexible flashing product engineered to offer the perfect balance between extraordinary durability and cost-effectiveness. It is manufactured from a multi-layer composite employing heavy-duty polypropylene fabric, and coated on both sides with UV resistant polypropylene to resist cracking and curling. Ideal for installation over OSB or plywood, it can be used on all types of windows, including wood, vinyl, aluminum, and doors. It installs easily with a utility knife and hammer. Thickness is 6 mils. For optimum performance Moistop PF should be installed in conjunction with Moistop Sealant.

Cut a strip of Moistop PF Flashing long enough to extend beyond sill flashing already in place, and above where the FortiFlash head flashing will intersect. Next attach the jamb flashing (B) flush to the edge of the rough opening leaving the bottom free. Repeat above steps for the remaining jamb.

CRL Moistop PF® Flashing

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