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  • For Nail Embedded Woods, Plywood, Insulating Board, and Asbestos
These CRL Milwaukee® Jig Saw Blades are made of the highest quality material in the industry. They are made for job specific standards.

Length152 mm
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  • Six - Nail Embedded Woods and Composition Materials
    Seven - Flush Cutting
  • 10 - Nail Embedded Woods, Plywood, Insulated Board, Asbestos
  • 14 - Metal Heavier Than 1/8" Thickness
  • 18 - Heavy Gauge Metals, Conduit, Pipe Channels
  • 24 - Metals Lighter Than 18 Gauge Sheet, Trim and Tubing
  • CRL Milwaukee® 6" Long 10 Teeth Per Inch Sawzall® Blade

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