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  • Steel, Wood, Tubing and Rubber Cutting Blades
  • High Quality Milwaukee Blades
The CRL Milwaukee® Jig Saw Blades are of the highest quality in the industry. They are made for job specific standards. The Cat. No. 48005183 is for Heavy Gauge Metals, Conduit, Pipe Channels and Tubing.

Length4" (102 mm)
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  • Six - Nail Embedded Woods and Composition Materials
    Seven - Flush Cutting
  • 10 - Nail Embedded Woods, Plywood, Insulated Board, Asbestos
  • 14 - Metal Heavier Than 1/8" Thickness
  • 18 - Heavy Gauge Metals, Conduit, Pipe Channels
  • 24 - Metals Lighter Than 18 Gauge Sheet, Trim and Tubing
  • CRL Milwaukee® 4" Long 18 Teeth Per Inch Sawzall® Blade

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    • Can Ship UPS