Your Advantages

  • Measures from Inside of the Building – No Glass Removal is Necessary
  • Measures Thickness of Air Space in Sealed Insulating Glass Units and Overall Unit Thickness
  • Uses Laser Technology for Exact Measurements
  • Calculates Thicknesses of Insulating, Laminated, Bullet Resistant, and Single Lite Float Glass
  • Simple to Use – Just Press a Button and Read the Measurements
The CRL Glass Thickness Laser is a breakthrough in glass measuring devices. It will give you the same exacting readout as digital units costing hundreds more. Not only does the MG1500MM measure standard insulating glass units, but it will also measure triple glazed insulating glass units, laminated glass, and multi-layer bullet resistant glass. Best of all, the MG1500MM is accurate from either side of the unit, so removal of the panel is not required. This is especially convenient in multiple-story buildings.

Designed for use in the field, glaziers and inspectors alike can easily carry it in their shirt pocket, on their belt, or just about anywhere the convenient carrying case will fit. The MG1500MM is powered by two AAA batteries, which are included.

This unit provides metric measurements, for Imperial/Fractional order MG1500. For measurements in Fractional inches, simply slide in the optional Cat. No. MG1500FS Fractional Scale Set and you're ready-to-go.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Avoid looking into laser beams at all times, as they can cause damage to your eyes.

CRL Metric Laser

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