Your Advantages

  • Requires No Electrical Connections
  • Complies with A.D.A. Standards
  • Five Finishes Available
  • Use Monolithic Tempered Glass
CRL Push Button Lock and Glass Keeper assemblies require no electrical connections so the mounting is exactly the same as our other 6" x 10" (152 x 254 mm) Center Locks. On the exterior side of the door is a Keypad with five vertical push buttons, numbered in sequential order from top to bottom. On the interior side there is a lever, which operates the Latchbolt at all times.

The lock complies with A.D.A. standards and is ideal for high frequency use in hospitals, entrances to commercial and industrial buildings, apartments, condominiums, schools, etc.

The Center Lock Glass Keeper (sold separately), is specially machined to accept the strike from the Push Button Lock. If a Center Lock Glass Keeper is not required, a Strike Plate for the jamb is supplied with the Push Button Lock assembly.

CRL Left Hand 6" x 10" Center Lock Push Button Housing

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