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  • Everything You Need to Fabricate Quality Insulating Glass Units Using Super Spacer®
  • Uses Two-Part Polyurethane Sealant
  • Comes Complete with Over 300' (91 m)of Super Spacer®
This CRL Insulating Glass Starter Kit features CRL Super Spacer®, the superior insulating foam that eliminates perimeter edge condensation and substantially reduces overall window heat loss. CRL Super Spacer® allows you to build Insulating Glass units in shapes not permitted by metal spacers. The silicone foam contains a high quantity of 3A molecular sieve desiccant, and the permeability of the foam allows for fast moisture pick-up. Our Two-Part Polyurethane Sealant forms an airtight seal, and is compatible with units fabricated with Super Spacer®.

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CAT. NO.DESCRIPTIONQUANTITYN600G15 Two-Part Polyurethane Sealant 1.5 Gallon Pail1 Pail
SS1466 1/4" (6 mm) Super Spacer® 66' (20.1 m) roll 2 Rolls
SS3866 3/8" (10 mm) Super Spacer® 66' (20 m) roll 1 Rolls
SS1266 1/2" (12.7 mm) Super Spacer® 66' (20.1 m) roll 2 Rolls
SSHN Super Spacer® Hand Notcher 1 Each
1550 Lint-Free Wipes 1 Case (900 Wipes)
695 Concentrated Glass Cleaner 1 Gallon (3.785 l)
DB21 Plastic Spray Bottles 2 Each
MX40 Sealant Mixer 1 Each
4104 1-1/2" (38 mm) Putty Knife 1 Each
GM15 Basic Insulating Glass Manual 1 Each

CRL Insulating Glass Polyurethane Starter Kit with Super Spacer®

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