Your Advantages

  • Knurled Thumb Screw and Fractional Graduations on the Stop Assure Accurate and Smooth Adjustments
  • Soft Suction Pads are Gentle on Glass Surfaces
  • Very Helpful Tool When Adhering Accessories to Vertical Surfaces
  • Adjustable Stop Keeps the Straight Edge from Slipping
The CRL Glazier’s Adjustable Straight Edge Holder’s soft suction pad safely grips the glass surface creating a solid stop for your straight edge, thereby assuring straight and accurate cuts. When used in pairs, this glass cutting aid will keep your straight edge from slipping so that you can focus on a perfect glass score. The knurled thumb screw and engraved, fractional graduations make even the finest adjustments smooth and accurate.

When adding accessories to shower doors and walls, this Adjustable Holder can also work as an extra hand. Because of their lengths and shapes, UV adhering towel bars, pulls and shelves to these vertical surfaces can be a challenge. When UV fixation devices won’t attach to the accessory, while leveling, marking and adhering, especially towel bars, these Adjustable Holders will hold one end of the accessory while you are working on the other. This Adjustable Holder is an absolute essential aid for any glass cutting table or Glazier’s tool box.
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Never use this product for lifting purposes. It is not intended for that function.

CRL Glazier's Adjustable Straight Edge Holder

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