Your Advantages

  • Fast, Easy Installation - Cut and Assemble on the Job Site
  • Easily Reversible for Left or Right Openings
  • Fits Most In Swinging and Out Swinging Doors Up to 48" Wide
  • Available in Two Standard Heights: 84" and 96"
  • Available in Three Decorative Powder Coated Colors
The CRL Euro Retractable Screen Door utilizes unique design features and versatility to fit most applications. The top and bottom rails, jamb, and screen pocket are made from extruded aluminum. The vinyl end caps and handle have a UV additive for long life. Each door has easy-to-see-through charcoal fiberglass screen mesh.

This door kit is non-handed, so it's easily field reversible for left or right openings. It can be mounted on the outside of the door for inswinging doors or inside of the door for outswinging doors. Two simple chop saw cuts size the door to desired height and width. Each kit comes complete with special clips for surface mounting the door to the exterior jamb.

The CRL Euro Retractable Screen single door design has a unique, comfortable and easy-to-use positive lift and latch handle that keeps the door firmly closed, even in windy areas. There's no need to break a magnetic field to release the door, an important advantage, especially for the elderly.

Screen mesh rides in a top and bottom rail with heavy wool pile both inside and out. The rails are deep enough to prevent the wind from blowing the mesh loose, and yet the mesh will pull loose if a person or animal inadvertently walks into it. If the mesh does get pulled from either the top or bottom track, simply unlatch the door, let the screen retract into the housing, then pull the door closed; the screen will automatically reset itself into the tracks. All kits can be shipped U.P.S. For complete details, contact CRL Technical Sales Department.

CRL 84" Euro Retractable Screen Door Kits

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