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  • Commonly Used in Malls for Joining Vertical Interior Lites of Glass
  • High Tech Contemporary Designs with New Lower Prices
  • Use Monolithic Tempered Glass
  • For 3/8" to 1/2" (10 to 12 mm) Thick Tempered Glass
  • Available in Brushed or Polished 304 Stainless and C260 Brass
This CRL 90 Degree Square Mall Front Clamp is installed using our Cat. No. 491012 or AT04012 Clear Very Hi-Bond Tape and Cat. No. RTV408C Neutral Cure Silicone. They join vertical glass wall panels set at right angles and provide rigidity to reduce flexing when pressure is applied. They also serve as floating indicators to alert pedestrians of a panel's presence in dimly lit areas.

All CRL Mall Front Clamps come in polished brass, polished stainless, or brushed stainless finishes, and are designed for 3/8" to 1/2" (10 to 12 mm) glass. These clamps install easily with CRL RTV408C Clear Silicone.
Width2-1/2" (64 mm)
Height2" (51 mm)
NOTE: Clamp is made of type 304 Stainless Steel or 260 Brass and is intended for interior applications only.

CRL 2" x 2" 90 Degree Outside Square Mall Front Clamps

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