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  • Matches the Width of Door and Sidelite Rails
  • Use Monolithic Tempered Glass
  • Accepts Roll-In Glazing Gasket, Top Pivot Block, and Snap-In Filler Strip
  • Ready-to-Ship Models From CRL Inventory
  • Available in Stock Lengths, Fabricated Headers, or Header with Side Pockets for 'Lift and Drop' Panel Installation
  • Matches Width of Door and Sidelite Rails and Channels for 3/8" or 1/2" (10 or 12 mm) and 5/8" or 3/4" (16 and 19 mm) Glass
  • Use Monolithic Tempered Glass
This Aluminum Extrusion was developed with three uses in mind:

(1) As a U-Channel that would be the same width as our Sidelite Rails and Door Rails;

(2) As a Narrow Header that is the same width as our Sidelite Rails and Door Rails, and will accept a Top Free-Swinging Pivot to secure the top of the doors;

(3) As an Even Sight Line System, accomplished by first securing the fabricated Narrow Header to the top of the opening, then securing the Sidelite Rail to the Narrow Header with the 1/4" (6 mm) Header Saddle. All drilling, tapping, and fabrication can be done at your request during manufacturing to save time while installing.

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Length3 m
This material is Stainless Steel Cladded Aluminum and cannot be cut with a standard chop saw or abrasive blade. These will cause the Cladding to heat up and burn the finish. This material must be cut with a cold saw to prevent damage to the finish. For further information please contact Technical Sales.

CRL 120" Length Combination Wide U-Channel and Narrow Header for 3/4" Glass

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Shipping Information:
  • No UPS - Common Carrier Only