Your Advantages

  • Set of Four 1" (25 mm) Jig Clips
  • Allows Screen Frame to be Held Firmly and Squarely in Place While Installing Screen Wire
The CRL Screen Table Jig Set makes fabricating window screens easier because it keeps the screen frame square and prevents "Hour Glass" bow-in. The Set has six extruded aluminum Jig Bars. Three Bars are floaters, and three are stationary. One is 42" (1.06 m) for the short end of the table, and two are to be mounted end to end with a steel splice (included) for the 96" (2.44 m) long side of the table. This allows the Jig Set to ship standard U.P.S.

The Kit also includes 12 each 3/4" (19 mm) Jig Clips. Once the two Stationary Bars are mounted to the table, slip three Clips onto each side. Pick the appropriate floater bar lengths (depending on screen size), and slip three Clips onto each. Lay the frame onto the table so that the frame engages all 12 Clips. Arrange the Clips on each Bar so that one Clip is at the far ends of the screen frame, and one Clip is in the middle of the frame. This center Clip does the work by holding the frame as straight as the Jig Bar and preventing bow in. Extra Jig Clips are available for either 3/4" (19 mm) or 1" (25 mm) frame.
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CRL 1" Screen Table Jig Clips - 4

Shipping Information:
  • Can Ship UPS